Janak Raj Mahajan B.Ed College--Features

  • College Library: The College has a well Stocked library with least books journals and periodicals
  • Computer Education: Computer Education is a part and parcel of educational technology and it has entred in every,shere of life.Our Institution have all the latest educational facilities and is has a mission to prepare not only good educationalists but oranisers also .It was there fore thought worthwhile to introduced computer education so that our pupils may pass out with extra knowledge in the same peroid of time.The computer Science subject is compulsory for all the students admitted in this college
  • Audio-Visual Aids: The College has a good Stock of Teachnig aids wich students and teachers use when they go injor block and annual teaching practice
  • Morning Assembely:Daily the staff and the students get together where students and teachers "get,an opportunity to give informative talks on education,religion and morality.Presence of all students and members of the college is compulsary.Absentees will be fined @RS 10- Per Assembly
  • Extension Lectures:Noted Educationists,scholars and professionals are invited to address the students and teachers on diffrent subjects
  • Dispensary:The College has its own dispensary .A Quanlified and competent doctor is its incharge
  • Seminaar & Tutorials:Weekly Seminaars and Tutorials group message ate held for for an informal discussion on topics related with curriculum
  • Societies & Clubs:A numbers of associations are actively functioning in the college to organise function ,lectures,debates,declamation contest,exhibitions,educational film shows,picnics,educational tour etc.